Do annual flowers come back?

Answer Annual flowers are plants that complete their life cycle in one year or one growing season, as usually is the case. This growing cycle includes producing flowers, fertilization and dispersal of see... Read More »

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What does"annual"mean when it comes to flowers?

Annuals complete their life cycle from seed to plant and back to seed again in one growing season. The entire plant dies after producing blooms and developing seeds to reproduce. Annuals do not ret... Read More »

Annual Flowers for Zones 5 & 6?

Some of the brightest stars in the garden each year are the annual flowers. Annual flowering plants live for only one blooming season, so they spend their energy producing attractive foliage and sh... Read More »

Trailing Annual Flowers?

Trailing annuals nestled securely in a hanging basket, planter or window box decorate the particular spot with soft, hanging stems and blooms. Annuals add vibrant color and beauty to the spring and... Read More »

Annual Flowers for Wisconsin?

When you are gardening in Wisconsin, it is smart to choose plenty of annuals. The state has very cold, harsh winters with lots of snow and ice. While many perennials do thrive in the state, they ne... Read More »