Do catfish have menstrual cycles?

Answer No, catfish are physically unable to menstruate. Female catfish typically fill up with eggs and then find a mate. They release the eggs, and the male then swims over and fertilizes them.Source:Plan... Read More »

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What could bleeding between menstrual cycles mean?

Women who notice abnormal bleeding during a menstrual cycle may need to be checked by a doctor. An average woman's cycle lasts 28 days and includes four days of bleeding at the beginning, according... Read More »

Is it possible to sync menstrual cycles w/ your egirlfriends?

Uranus has been hemorrhaging too this week.Should we meet at The Red Tent for some Bloody Mary's?\\(((.))) I love my Period!

Activities for the Life Cycles of Animals?

Children can enjoy learning that different animals have different life cycles; demonstrate these cycles through a few educational projects. These life cycle activities will teach students about the... Read More »

Can the lack of usual menstrual symptoms be a sign of pregnancy Usually by 5DPO I am having menstrual symptoms such as sore breasts and I'm on 8 DPO and nothing. Can that be a sign?

Answer I wouldn't rely on the lack of PMS symptoms as aindication of possible pregnancy hun. Wait until your period is due. If it does not arrive then go ahead and do a pregnancy test. If it does ... Read More »