Do animals also have diseases like cancer,blood pressure,diabetes........ect.?

Answer Its very rare in wild animals, but domesticated animals like Dogs and Cats get these diseases quite often. Most likely because we take them off thier natural diets and feed them man made manufact... Read More »

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I have a One For All Remote URC-3021BG1, I would like the codes for a GE tv and also how to set it up.?

Try the One For All website. OFA are good for support of their remotes.

Is it true that women also have orgasms similarly just like men do?

Good question! LOL! All I know is I'm a woman, and my orgasm feels pretty damned good....

What Zoonotic Diseases Spread From Pet Animals to Human Beings?

A zoonotic disease is a communicable disease which is naturally transmitted from animals to humans. Diseases can be transmitted to humans from ordinary pets such as birds, dogs and cats. Pets shoul... Read More »

We just bought a Sony Plasma and have also purchased a Sony receiver; we also have DirecTV. We ?

Looks like there is no video to the TV because you haven't connected the DirectTV box to the HTS. (or you connected it, but you have the HTS in the Wrong Source)Connect Video out from Direct TV to ... Read More »