Do americans,(caucasian) like "Chile" (spicy sauce or pepper)?

Answer that is funny you should say know ..White people love salsa..and chips and the hotter the better.But i have talked to people from Latin America and they dont eat that stuff as they call i... Read More »

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What pepper is hotter jalapeno pepper or a Chile pepper?

I believe that a jalapeño pepper is a type of chili pepper. Um it is

Is chile sauce different from chili sauce?

"Chili sauce" and "chile sauce" are two different spellings for the same thing. Chili sauces are sauces that are prepared with the use of chili peppers, as well as other ingredients including musta... Read More »

I just cooked a T-Bone steak and put "English Pub Spicy Steak Sauce" on it. It was NOT spicy at all. Does?

English food is blander than styrofoam packing peanuts. That, combined with years of eating tamales made by your house servant Juanita, has left your tastebuds completely incapable of sensing what... Read More »

Is lemon pepper spicy?

It's not that spicy. It's plain black pepper with lemon zest. You have a mouth and taste buds so just taste it.