Do americans really drink that much liquid?

Answer Yes...we love our ice!

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All this budgeting for booze is really stressing me out; so much so that I need a drink. Am I going in circles?

It is actually scientifically proven that going into these circles that causes dizziness rather than drinking alcohol itself. So moral of this that alcohol doesn't make you feel dizzy by itself but... Read More »

How much is 4 tablespoon in liquid how much liquid would that be?

Can drinking too much soda cause diabetes i really don't drink water at all i'm really bad?

yes it cause diabetic in your body if you continues to do that u never live long life and also eat junk food and candy......but u can also drink diet soda for less also victim here

When you make a drink that has powered and liquid..?

I usually put the liquid in first (like if i made kool-aid) so yea that way it doesnt stick to the bottom of the jug!