Do american debit cards work in europe?

Answer Debit cards have become a standard in America for purchasing or accessing money. As tourists prepare to visit Europe, there is concern whether their cards will work there. Here are tips to know whe... Read More »

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Do debit cards work on iTunes?

You sure can. Just type it in like any other card and you'll be golden

Does an American iPhone work in Europe?

Here's what Apple had to say about it: Will the iPhone work in Europe, Asia, etc? By Chad Shmukler - Published January 18th 2007 - 22:14 in Service Providers • TechnicalYes, the iPhone will work ... Read More »

Will an American Trac phone work in Europe?

Although outside international calls can be made from a TracFone within the United States, TracFone says that the phones will not work outside of the United States, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin I... Read More »

Are online transactions safe using credit cards or debit cards?

On One Hand: Credit Card Fraud is Possible OnlineInternet credit card fraud is a prevalent problem. Security can be compromised, leaving personal information attainable to those who seek it. Phishi... Read More »