Do american crocodiles eat dead animals or alive animals?

Answer…This is an interesting read.US crocodiles only live on the southern tip of Florida..else where those happen to be alligators. Related but different.And ye... Read More »

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I LOVE leather goods. But I love animals more so I dont buy leather, Do they REALLY skin animals alive?

I'm sure they're skinned when they're dead. But I'd rather not support the industry in the first place.As one of my facebook buddies posted "Every dollar you spend is a vote for how you want the wo... Read More »

Animals eat animals, so why don't vegetarians and vegans eat animals?

I was a vegatarian for a whole year but I did it for health reasons not animal rights reason. I undestand where you coming from. But at the same time I respect a vegatarians deciscion as long as he... Read More »

How often are animals really skinned alive in China?

You ask about animals in general, so those would include animals used for both food and fur. Videos of dogs, snakes and fish being skinned alive can be easily found online. If we were to just loo... Read More »

Should cows be fed dead cow and other animals?

What's still happening is that cows are being fed to other meat animals such as pigs and chickens and then chicken litter is being fed to cows but most anyone who's ever dealt much with chickens kn... Read More »