Do all strawberries have the same number of seeds?

Answer No they do not! But I believe they expand until each seed is equally separated. But sometimes there is a defect in the mechanism - a scar perhaps?

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If i uninstall pinger will i still have the same same number?

If you are signed in you will have the number unless you are inactive for 60 days

How do you get seeds from strawberries?

The seeds are on the out side of the strawberry. The seeds are called achenes and are actually the fruit. The strawberry itself is a ripened ovary. Some books claim that it is the receptacle, but ... Read More »

How do I plant strawberries from seeds?

Starting the SeedsPut the seeds in a plastic bag and squeeze out all the air. Close the bag and put it in the freezer for three weeks to simulate winter. Remove the bag and let it come to room temp... Read More »

Do poppy seeds have the same affects as a hallucinogen when eaten?

Poppy seeds are inert and therefore do not have the ability to cause hallucination. However, it is possible for a small amount of poppy seeds (such as those found on a bun, cake or bagel) to cause ... Read More »