Do all siblings have to sign deed to house being sold in an estate?

Answer No, Texas State Law states that it is prohibited to have employment under the age of 14 unsupervised.But a sibling? that's probably an exception. But im not the governer of Texas, sorry.

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Do you have to pay taxes on real estate for a deed in lieu of foreclosure?

If your lender agrees to a deed in lieu of foreclosure, you will be responsible for paying taxes on the forgiven portion of the debt. This is because the Internal Revenue Service counts the portion... Read More »

When can a sold license be placed on sold real estate in Florida?

Until Oct. 2002, real estate brokers in Florida couldn't place a "Sold" sign on a property before the closing, unless the sellers consented. The state law was repealed that year, which means licens... Read More »

Do you have to file taxes if you sold a house&bought a house in the same year?

If a taxpayer sells a home during the year, then he will have to file income taxes. This will apply if the taxpayer buys another home or does not buy another home.References:IRS: Do you need to fil... Read More »

I sold my house to buy new one with husband He has another house in his name do you have to give him the new one?

Not to be annoying, but you need to check your grammar with these questions.I am guessing that you are wondering when plugging your phone into the computer, will it be connected to the Internet?You... Read More »