Do all rear projection TVs have a Fresnel lens?

Answer In the early days of rear-projection television sets, Fresnel lenses were used on the TV viewing screen to redirect the relatively weak light produced by the projector and fix distortion. Today, al... Read More »

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Uses of a Fresnel Lens?

The Fresnel lens was first developed in 1822, when the French government commissioned physicist Augustin Jean Fresnel to create an improved lighthouse lens. Fresnel lenses are glass or plastic lens... Read More »

How To Clean a Fresnel Lens?

Fresnel lenses are thin optical lenses specially cut and shaped with many concentric rings to function like thicker or heavier lenses in focusing concentrated light through a projector or lamp. The... Read More »

How to Apply Plastic Fresnel Lens to Window?

Flat, plastic Fresnel lenses, called magnifying sheets, have numerous uses, from starting fires to preventing automobile accidents. A positive lens concentrates a larger area of light onto a small ... Read More »

How to Easily Make a Projector With a Fresnel Lens?

A projector can be the key centerpiece to a home theater experience, but standalone projectors can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. But a restricted budget doesn't have to keep you from havin... Read More »