Do all printers have the ability to scan a picture into a computer?

Answer An all-in-one printer has a scanner. Most laser printers and many inkjets do not include a scanner.Yours is a large wireless color inkjet printer. No scanner.Adding: The large size I believe is to ... Read More »

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How do I scan a picture to the computer?

If it were me, I would refer to the device documentation to troubleshoot. What that means is : "Use the instruction manual from the printer box and read about the scan section"Do you have it attach... Read More »

How can i scan a picture into my computer?

go to a store, or I would recommend going to and purchase a scanner. If this is a picture from a digital camera, buy a flash card reader for the particular kind of flash card of your cam... Read More »

How do I scan a picture into my computer?

If your cannon printer has a lid that covers the window glass on top, then chances you have a scanner.If you have a scanner, Press start and in the search bar type Windows Fax and Scan, then click ... Read More »

How Do You Scan A Picture To Your Computer?

Did you plug a USB CABLE from the printer into the PC USB port?That is what it is asking for duh!Plugged a flash drive in, LOL!!!! No wonder our country is doomed.