Do all older Canon SLR cameras have megapixels?

Answer Take it to a camera card developing lab. Remember to ask for the negatives.

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Is Kodak and Canon cameras better than Samsung because they have been making cameras longer?

for a beginnerI suggest the samsung s85 or s630

How many megapixels does the canon fs100 have?

The canon FS100 has a 1.07Mp CMOS image sensor.

Do all canon cameras have flash?

No, not the Canon 1D X, 1Ds, Mark III or 5D, Mark IIIIn the price range of your budget, they all do.If your budget can handle $700, you may want to look at the Nikon D3200Here is how the Canon T3 a... Read More »

Do all Canon Cameras have color accent?

not all canons have color accent. it would be best to go to canon web site choose the camera that you like and check it's specs