Do all mulberry trees bear fruit?

Answer Mulberry trees that grow in the United States have their male and female flowers on separate trees, meaning that not all mulberries bear fruit. The female trees of the chief species in the country,... Read More »

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When do mulberry trees fruit?

Mulberry trees produce fruit about two months after flowering. Mulberry trees flower in early spring. You'll know when the mulberries are ready to eat by observing their color. Green mulberries are... Read More »

When do pecan trees bear fruit?

Depending on the cultivar and the geographic location, pecan trees bear fruit from early to late fall (mid-September to mid-December). Some cultivars begin producing as early as 6 years of age, whi... Read More »

When do persimmon trees bear fruit?

Persimmon trees start to bear fruit after seven years of growth. The fruit begins ripening at the end of autumn into the early part of winter. They are best eaten after they have fully ripened.Sour... Read More »

When will chestnut trees bear fruit?

Chestnut trees start producing their chestnut fruits at three to four years of age. Chestnuts are harvested in the early fall when they drop to the ground. Chestnut trees are self-infertile, meanin... Read More »