Do all lenses work with all DSLR cameras?

Answer No. All camera manufacturers use a proprietary lens mount and all are incompatible with each other. Nikon lenses for Nikon cameras, Canon lenses for Canon cameras, Sony lenses for Sony cameras.To b... Read More »

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Do sigma lenses work with NIKON cameras?

Yes. Make sure you purchase your sigma lens with the F-bayonet. Here is their lens finder: see related link

Will Nikon d50 lenses work with Nikon d5000 cameras?

Which DSLR Cameras Will a Tamron 28-75Mm Lens Work On?

The Tamron 28-75mm lens is small compared to other zoom lenses. It is also much more affordable than many other comparable lenses. The focal length range of this lens is 28 to 75 mm, which covers t... Read More »

How to Use M42 Lenses with a Canon EOS DSLR?

An EOS D30, fitted with a 50mm Pentacon f/1.8 lens from the late 70s.As an alternative to expensive lenses, many people have fitted M42 (commonly called "Pentax screw thread") lenses to their Canon... Read More »