Do all lemons have seeds?

Answer yes. all lemons have seeds.

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Why don't limes have seeds like lemons?

Lemons and limes are two closely related and commonly found citrus fruits but they have some key differences in terms of how they are grown, the types that are found most often, and the presence of... Read More »

Do bigger lemons have more seeds than smaller ones?

Will toasted pumpkin seeds get rid of intestinal parasites such as roundworm Or do the seeds have to be raw?

Pumpkin seed, like most parasite treatments, need to be taken in sufficient amounts to be effective. Weiss recommends taking 200 to 400g of unpeeled pumpkin seeds and ground in a food processor or ... Read More »

Why do lemons have more sugar than oranges?

i personally think that the sugar comes from the sour citrus in the lemon.