Do all humans snore?

Answer No.I do, but I'm more prone to it when I'm lying on my back, when I lie with my hand under my head, or when I've been drinking.Weight can influence it as well. If I lost about 10 lbs, I would not ... Read More »

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Why do men snore?

Both men and women snore but according to the Vancouver Sleep & Breathing Center more men than women snore regularly. There are multiple reasons that increase the chances of snoring but the act its... Read More »

Do you snore?

Why Do Dogs Snore?

Dogs snore for the same reason that people snore -- because their airways are blocked or partially blocked. Snoring is far more common in dogs with flat or brachycephalic faces. Dogs can snore quit... Read More »

Is it ok for your 5 month old to snore?

Occasional snoring is ok. But if it persists child should be shown to ENT surgeon.