Do all flowers have pistils?

Answer no, only perfect flower have pistils. hemayatullah from afghanistan

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Do flowers have more stamens or pistils?

Complete flowers, which produce both male parts (stamens) and female parts (pistils), usually have more stamens than pistils. However, not all plants produce complete flowers. Holly, for example, p... Read More »

Why the plant outside have lot of flowers and the one inside has no flowers?

outside theres more sun, fresh air, and inside i think the air from like heaters and stuff makes them sulk, and when they're inside, in their soil, they have no worms to make tunnels in the soil so... Read More »

How many of you have May flowers?

My garden has roses, red yucca, lavender, day lilies, star jasmine, rosemary, oleander, chaste tree, day lilies, and a little white flower I have forgotten what is, all blooming beautifully.Oh, an ... Read More »

Do flowers have ears?

Although flowers do not have ears, horticultural experts at Pennsylvania State University say there is evidence that all plants react to sound. Theories suggest that all plants respond to vibration... Read More »