Do all flies come from maggots?

Answer Yes. A maggot is the common name of the larvae phase of development in flies. All flies come from eggs, hatch as larvae, then develop into pupae and become flies.Source:Maggots

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Are maggots considered flies?

The maggot is the larval stage of the fly, so it is an immature fly. Flies start as eggs, then become maggots or larvae, then pupae, and finally adult flies.References:University of Florida: Depart... Read More »

Do maggots turn into flies?

Maggots are the larval stage of a fly and are the main feeding stage of the fly development cycle. Maggots molt twice during their development and, after feeding enough, enter the pupal stage in a ... Read More »

Why Are Female Fruit Flies Bigger Than Male Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies, or drosophila melanogaster, are tiny insects that are often used for scientific research. The name fruit fly came about because the insects are often found surrounding rotting fruit or... Read More »

What do maggots eat?

Maggots (fly larvae) eat live or dead tissue from plants or animals. Some species feed on blood. The exact diet depends on the species. Maggots used for maggot debridement therapy, or MDT, are typi... Read More »