Do all dentists use cold water to clean your teeth?

Answer Two answers found: 1) Dentists use cold water when removing old amalgams so that the mercury vapor and particles so released do not enter the surrounding environment. Cold water is used because war... Read More »

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Did you use hot or cold water today to clean your teeth and why?

Cold water is refreshing and hot water from the tap never tastes all that pleasant.

Do you clean your teeth before going to the Dentists?

Definitely! I can't think of a less appealing profession - yeuk!

Why do dentists clean teeth Does that do any good?

Yup it helps...they need to scrape this tihng called tartar (hardened plaque) which cant come off with a regular toothbrush. You can get a scalar set to do the same but because you dont have the p... Read More »

What did dentists use to clean teeth in the 1700's?

I'm pretty sure they used soot- and it actually worked!