Do all deaths have a probate court?

Answer Probate law depends on the state in which the deceased lived. Different states have different legal processes regarding whether or not the probate court needs to be involved to oversee the asset di... Read More »

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What is probate court?

Most states have a special court to handle the common topic of inheritance and wills, called "probate court". Probate courts resolve disputes over a deceased individual's property, but are not alwa... Read More »

What happens in probate court?

Probate courts oversee the distribution of a deceased person's assets, according to the Oregon State Bar. Assets are anything of value owned by the deceased, such as vehicles, property and cash.Wil... Read More »

Probate Court & Divorce?

A divorced person can face legal issues when his or her former spouse dies. How the court views the estate and legal heirs in probate is also impacted if a divorce action involving the decedent was... Read More »

When did probate court originate?

Probate courts were established between 1720 and 1730. This court wes established to take care of the administration of assets or properties left behind by a deceased person, whether or not he lef... Read More »