Do all credit cards have a variable APR rate?

Answer While it seems like most credit cards have a variable APR, this does not always hold true; however, variable APRs are the most popular type of interest rate for credit cards.IdentificationNot all c... Read More »

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What does variable rate on credit cards mean?

A variable rate on a credit card means that the interest rate tied to the credit card balance is subject to change on a preset basis, based on market conditions. This means that the interest rate c... Read More »

What does apr variable mean on credit cards?

Credit cards can lead people into financial trouble, especially if they don't understand all the terms when signing up for one. APR is an important term for credit card holders to understand.Identi... Read More »

What is the default rate of credit cards?

Default occurs when a credit card holders fails to make payments according to the cardholder agreement. Consumers have defaulted on credit cards at record levels in 2009. Default rates vary by co... Read More »

What Is the Prime Interest Rate on Credit Cards?

Prime interest rate is a term used to describe a common index that many different lenders, such as banks, use to make their decisions. This rate does not affect every decision, but it does cause fa... Read More »