Do all computers have a BIOS password for Phoenix BIOS?

Answer No, all computers do not have a BIOS password for Phoenix BIOS. Some computers with the Phoenix basic input/output system (BIOS) may be password-protected. Typically, computer manufacturers do not ... Read More »

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How to Remove a Phoenix Trusted Core BIOS Password?

If you've assigned a password to your Phoenix Trusted Core BIOS, you can remove that password at any time by using the BIOS configuration utility itself. No computer BIOS ships with a password alre... Read More »

How to Update the Phoenix-Award BIOS v6.00PG?

As new hardware comes out for personal computers, a machine's BIOS can quickly become antiquated. With computing technology becoming more advanced, updating a machine's BIOS has become easier than ... Read More »

How to Format a Phoenix BIOS in an Advent 7109B Laptop?

The Advent 7109B laptop uses the Phoenix "Award" version of BIOS, which is the operating system that controls the speed and functionality of the hardware connected to your computer. Formatting the ... Read More »

How to Change Shared Video Memory in the Phoenix Technologies BIOS?

The BIOS, basic input/output system, runs when you start your computer and is responsible for initiating certain hardware checks before the computer loads Windows into the temporary memory. If your... Read More »