Do all chicken pox lesions develop into a scab?

Answer Pretty much all of them, the blister forms then turns later turns into a scab and eventually heals. Even the tiny little blisters form a small scab that is sometimes barely noticable. Whatever you ... Read More »

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HELP!!! i had a pimple on my nose...yeah i picked at it and then it formed a scab...the scab?

cover it up with some neosporin and a bandage and stay in your house for the next 2 months while it heals

Do HPV lesions look like herpes lesions?

According to the, human papilloma virus (HPV), also known as genital warts, causes cauliflower-like growths on skin that are white, yellow or gray. Herpes lesions typically look like b... Read More »

What are all the types of osteolytic lesions?

BLT K&M Bacon Lettuce, Tomato, Ketchup and Mayo Bone, Lung, Thyroid, Kidney, and Multiple Myeloma.

Can leukemia cause bone lesions?

On One Hand: Certain Cancers Can Cause Bone LesionsBone lesions are abnormal changes in bone tissue that can diminish bone integrity or interfere with certain bone processes. Medline Plus cites pot... Read More »