Do all Xbox 360 Elites have a Falcon chip?

Answer Not every Microsoft Xbox 360 or Xbox 360 Elite video game console has the Falcon chip inside of it. To determine whether any Xbox 360 has the Falcon chip, flip the unit over and look at the UPC sy... Read More »

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What is the Falcon chip for the Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 has developed a bad reputation for being buggy and breaking down. After so many failed units, Microsoft changed its chip configuration from the Xenon and Zephyr CPUs to the Falcon to l... Read More »

Does the Halo edition Xbox have the Falcon chip?

The “Halo 3” edition Xbox 360 consoles come with 65nm Falcon computer chips, but only in consoles built after August 24, 2007. The Falcon chips are smaller and cheaper to make than the Xbox 360... Read More »

How to Chip an Xbox 360?

Modifying---or "chipping"---an Xbox 360 enables it to perform functions not sanctioned by Microsoft. You must violate the Microsoft warranty by opening the Xbox 360 to install a mod chip bought fro... Read More »

What is the Xbox 360 Jasper chip?

Due to the Xbox 360's early reputation for breaking down, the console has undergone five different chipset revisions to lessen the failure rate. The Jasper chipset is the fifth chipset utilized by ... Read More »