Do all TVs with HDMI connections work as monitors?

Answer Yes, a monitor is a tv screen with no tuner and sometimes no audio built in.

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Can a hdtv with dvi in work with sony playstation3 using dvi hdmi hdmi cable?

Yes, a DVI input will usually accept an HDMI signal via an adapter cable but make sure the TV input is HDCP compliant otherwise protected content, such as Blu-ray movies, will not be viewable.Also ... Read More »

How to Connect to DVI Monitors With XBox 360 With No HDMI?

The Xbox 360 comes standard with a Multi AV cable that allows you to connect the system to standard definition inputs or high definition component inputs. Microsoft also released an Xbox 360 VGA ca... Read More »

Will an xbox 360 hdmi port work with any hdmi cable?

The Xbox 360 HDMI port allows any cable to be connected. The HDMI cable included from the factory is not the only option for connecting to the HDMI output. Going with less expensive HDMI cables can... Read More »

Will HDMI 1.3 out work with HDMI 1.4 in?

Yes it will work. The 1.3 is all you need