Do all Pelikan pens have ink windows?

Answer Most, but not all, of the styles and sizes of Pelikan brand ink pens have an ink window or a transparent barrel. This makes it easy to see how much ink is left inside of the reservoir.Source:Nibs: ... Read More »

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How much ink does a Pelikan fountain pen hold?

Pelikan is German company, founded in 1838, that handcrafts fine writing fountain pens. There are many different Pelikan fountain pen styles, and ink capacity varies with each style. A Pelikan fou... Read More »

Which came first: gel pens or ballpoint pens?

Ballpoint pens came before gel pens. A primitive version of the ballpoint pen was created in 1888 by John Loud, an American tanner, but it did not receive commercial attention. In the 1940s, Josef ... Read More »

Can ink in old pens dry out?

Nothing is more frustrating than picking up an ink pen to write a letter and finding that the ink has dried up. Ballpoint pens and rollerball pens can dry out if the cap is left off for extended pe... Read More »

What do sea pens eat?

Sea pens, which are actually colonies of anemone-like polyps working together for the survival of the whole, feed on plankton and organic particles that float by in the water. The individual polyps... Read More »