Do all Nvidia cards have adaptive V-Sync?

Answer You can always enable/disable if you want it to! open NVidia Control panel to set some gaming graphics enhancements! I know V-Sync can limit the FPS on Games so I would recommend to turn it on if y... Read More »

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How do you read nvidia cards?

AMD ATI Vs. Nvidia in terms of graphics cards?

ATI/AMD radeon HD 6670the best budget card to date! nvidia has no play in low end market!

Who makes better video-cards - Nvidia or Ati?

ati cards are usually cheaper, while the competing cards with nvidia gpus are usually faster

Which graphic cards are better for gaming NVIDIA or ATi?

I don’t suffer from brand loyalty but given the current offerings Nvidia and ATI the price for performance favors Nvidia. Nvidia’s new line of 9xxx cards coming out in Nov should make the 8xxx... Read More »