Do all rivers run north to south?

Answer Though the Mississippi River runs from north to south, not all rivers in the world flow in this direction. For example, the Nile River in Africa flows south to north and the Amazon River in South A... Read More »

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Describe the navies of the north and south?

The Northern navy consisted primarily of Soviet/Chicom (Chinese Communist) supplied P4 & P6 torpedo and patrol boats. The Southern navy consisted of newly transferred/acquired (former USN) Swift Bo... Read More »

Are odd address numbers north or south?

Odd addresses are on the south side of the road as well as the west, while evens are on the north and east sides of stress. For one mile of road there are 1,000 different possible addresses.Refere... Read More »

What is the latitude of the north&south pole?

The latitude of the north pole is 90 degrees north and that of the south pole is 90 degrees south. Latitude degrees are based on the angle created by the plane of the equator and the radius to any ... Read More »

What is a difference between the North and South?

The North was the antislavery part of the country; The South was a pro-slavery part of the country.