Do all Minolta AF lenses fit all Maxxum camera bodies?

Answer The Minolta Maxxum series of cameras were built with Minolta's A-Mount metal ring mounting system. Minolta AF (Auto-Focus) lenses were built in the A-Mount style, and are therefore compatible with ... Read More »

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Can you use the lenses from your minolta maxxum 7000i 35mm camera on a digital camera?

They should work on Minolta digital cameras, and possibly the new Sonys as well. Check carefully into the camera specs.

Will minolta camera lenses fit any digital camera bodies?

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Is there an adaptor for minolta MD lens to sony alpha camera bodies?

The nikon coolpix camera hold nine pictures without the memory card>

What film is best for minolta maxxum 3xi film camera?

Any 35mm film will be fine. My personal choice for color prints is Kodak Ektar, ISO 100. For general black & white photography I use Ilford XP-2 Super, ISO 400. This and the Ektar are C-41 process ... Read More »