Do all College credits transfer?

Answer Brittany:Transfer credit determinations are made at the discretion of the individual school. In theory, credits are transferred when the receiving school determines that the coursework of a particu... Read More »

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Do college credits transfer?

Many college credits can be transferred to other colleges, but how many of your credits will transfer depends on the new college you are enrolling in. Contact the admissions office of your new coll... Read More »

How to See if Credits Can Transfer to a College?

With the growth of alternative methods of education, a greater number of people have credits earned from community colleges, two-year programs, or online courses. These credits can generally be tra... Read More »

How to Transfer Credits to a College?

Credits for college coursework can typically be transferred between any accredited college or university, as long as the receiving university recognizes a similarity in the coursework and level of ... Read More »

How to Transfer AP Credits to a College Transcript?

Advanced placement courses, often referred to as APs, allow students to complete and sometimes receive credit for college-level work during high school. Students who take AP classes must pass an AP... Read More »