Do all Canons use the same size lenses?

Answer If you already owned Nikon lenses you should have stayed with a Nikon body. All camera manufacturers use a proprietary lens mount and all are incompatible with each other. Nikon lenses for Nikon ca... Read More »

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Is it true Canons Rebel XS picture quality has what one writer called little unattractively hard edged sharpness compared to a Nikon D60 ie can Nikon photos be too sharp compared to Canons?

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Can lenses made by any brand fit onto any cameras if they are the right size?

You need advice from an expert on this BEFORE you try to test a non-intended camera/lens combination.My friend is a Canon technician and he says he gets cameras in every year that have had their mi... Read More »

Why don't stores/pharmacies sell negative size eyeglass lenses?

Because the - powers are for distance vision, there are way too many different possible combinations of powers possible...and the placement of the optical centers of the lenses to match the optical... Read More »

Is the canon s5 is really 36-432mm Because when compared with lenses like an slr lens at 200mm the size of the image looks the same.?

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