Do all ATM machines have cameras?

Answer Yes, all ATM machines have cameras unless they are exceptionally old. Not just banks own and can purchase ATM machines; anyone can set them up almost anywhere, increasing the risk of fraud, theft a... Read More »

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Do cash machines have cameras in them?

every bank atm has a camera in itsome at stores and malls do and some do not

Do x-ray machines damage digital cameras?

No, X-Rays can only damage some types of camera film, which do not exist in digital cameras. There should be a warning sign before you scan anything in an X-ray.

Do airport x-ray machines damage slr cameras or lenses?

You should be fine, I've had my equipment, including memory cards, go through many times with no ill effects.

Does Sony touchscreen cameras have the same drawing features like the nikon cameras do? does not have a built in focusing motor (AF-S in Nikon terms).In fact I'm selling mine because it won't auto focus with other DSLR cameras (even after servicing) that don't require AF-S. (... Read More »