Do alcohol breathalyzer tests work?

Answer On One Hand: They Are Fairly AccurateAlcohol breathalyzer tests are a fairly accurate way to measure someone's blood alcohol content (BAC). According to Potsdamn University, breathalyzers vary by n... Read More »

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Problems With the Breathalyzer Tests on Students?

Many high schools are using breathalyzer tests on their students prior to social functions such as homecoming and prom. Unfortunately there are many things that can sway the results of a breathalyz... Read More »

How much alcohol is needed to fail the breathalyzer test?

If your blood alcohol content (BAC) is over 0.08% (the U.S. legal limit), you will likely fail a breathalyzer test. How many drinks are needed to reach that limit depends on a variety of factors li... Read More »

Why Is Cold Alcohol Used in DNA Tests?

Cold alcohol is used to separate DNA out of water-based solutions. This allows the DNA to be purified for subsequent genetic testing. Adding alcohol to a solution containing DNA is a simple way to ... Read More »

What Tests Can Be Used to Test Your Alcohol Levels?

Alcohol is a depressant that can prevent people from thinking and functioning normally. It is illegal to perform certain activities with when your BAC (blood alcohol content, or the concentration o... Read More »