Do air purifiers help smoke?

Answer On One Hand: Somewhat EffectiveAir purifiers can reduce airborne smoke particles when they are used in areas where cigarette or cigar smoke are present infrequently.On the Other: Toxins and Contami... Read More »

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Used to smoke quit, had a smoke help?

I used to get severe bronchitis from cigs. I'd get a pain at the breast bone. Don't smoke any others, call the doc if you don't feel better

Help me Im dying to smoke?

I started smoking weed at your age. That's been over 40 yrs now and it didn't lead to ahrd drugs or alcohol. I'm also a Chef and teach cooking with it on the side. Have a talk with your Dad, don'... Read More »

Help! how do i get rid cigarette smoke in my room?

go to the motel down the street and bribe the desk clerk for some of their spray. it is better than what you can buy and if you keep trying to add stuff to it it will be like the lady that got in t... Read More »

Im 13 and i smoke wayy to much weed help?

I'm not here to lecture you or anything but there's no way you can just all of a sudden stop, you can cut down on your habits but its tough, and it will require a lot of mental strength. It all sta... Read More »