Do air purifiers actually work?

Answer On One Hand: Somewhat EffectiveAir purifiers are designed to clear away small particles of dust, smoke and allergens in the air. More expensive purifiers have features that remove smaller particles... Read More »

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Do Air Purifiers Work for Allergies?

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, 19 million American employees are affected by allergies every year. Many allergy sufferers seek relief through medications, avoidance of a... Read More »

Do water purifiers really work?

Different water purifiers do different things. Some take out pathogens and bacteria, while others remove excess mineral deposits. None are perfect. If you fail to change the filter on your water pu... Read More »

Do ionic air purifiers work?

On One Hand: Effective Air PurificationIonic air purifiers clean and filter the air by charging the particles in the air with a positive or negative charge. This attracts them to the purifier's col... Read More »

Do those Thermax water purifiers really work?

On One Hand: Cleaner, Fresher Air.The Thermax water-based air purifier and freshener is a system that uses water to create a fragrant scent inside of a house. The manufacturer states that the scent... Read More »