Do actual hackers exist or are they just a large group of people?

Answer Yes its very possible and pinging isn't considered hacking as all it does is overload the website, it doesn't actually steal information and it requires a lot of pinging to take it down. Key logger... Read More »

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Are the anonymous hackers group strong?

Anonymous is an idea that is composed of people all over the world. All races, all countries, all religions.Anonymous works like a flock of birds. Each anon can do their own thing. Fight for the ... Read More »

Teleconference service with "small group vs. large group" switching?

you might be interested is this!!!

Why do people want to be be hackers?

I hate hackers! Sorry hate is strong word.

Does a large-scale, automatic coffee-brewing machine exist?

i know Kuerig brewer but it does not brew that much at a time if you are looking for a lot of coffee i have no idea what you should use