Do actual hackers exist or are they just a large group of people?

Answer Yes its very possible and pinging isn't considered hacking as all it does is overload the website, it doesn't actually steal information and it requires a lot of pinging to take it down. Key logger... Read More »

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I have these red bumps on my skin. They appeared in a large group on the front of my shoulder?

Might be a rash or allergic reaction to something. Did you get something new, maybe some clothes? Never use unwashed clothes at all you don't know who has tried them before.If it gets worse a visit... Read More »

If the government KNOWS smoking kills people, then why do they still allow cig companies to exist?

Why do people constantly blame the government for their loved one dying of Cancer or Emphysema or other smoking related issues? I am not particularly fond of our government, but I do not think they... Read More »

Why cant they just give people lie ditector test to prove they comitted a crime?

Because the technology is fairly unreliable, so it isn't conclusive proof in any case, and in any case it would be a violation of the suspect's Fifth Amendment rights to not be compelled to testify... Read More »

Are the anonymous hackers group strong?

Anonymous is an idea that is composed of people all over the world. All races, all countries, all religions.Anonymous works like a flock of birds. Each anon can do their own thing. Fight for the ... Read More »