Do abusing children effect children?

Answer YES!!! Kids that are abused will have a terrible childhood, and most likely abuse their own children later on in life if so. That would be, if they don't commit suicide before they have a chance to... Read More »

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So when they start abusing children who will come to their rescue ?

This is most heartbreaking. gays a do not need children if they want them let them get their life right with the Lord and have them like normal parents. It wrong no matter how many thumb down I ge... Read More »

How do you stop a nasty husband from abusing ones children?

in my opinion..if i had a husband that was abbusing my kids,i would leave him.FAST!ANSWERYou need to look into help from a local centre like the YWCA or a womens shelter and they will help you get ... Read More »

What is the jail time some one serves for abusing children?

How long do parents go to jail for abusing their children and what punishments do they get?