Do ab toner belts work?

Answer On One Hand: Advertisements and endorsementsWith celebrity endorsements, late night commercials, dozens of products and testimonials from real customers touting their success, ab toner belts have b... Read More »

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How do seat belts work?

Seat belts save lives and prevent injury. This safety feature holds occupants in position in situations where the vehicle comes to a sudden stop or is jolted by an external force, such as in a col... Read More »

How Belts & Pulleys Work?

Belts and pulleys are used together to generate force to move objects. They are easy to construct and can be used to lift a variety of weights and objects easier than manually moving them yourself.

Do magnet belts really work?

On One Hand: Magnetic Therapy Is UnsupportedAccording to the American Cancer Society, magnetic therapy devices have no medical benefit and the Food and Drug Administration considers them ineffectiv... Read More »

Do abdominal belts work?

On One Hand: Some Stimulation is ProvidedAn abdominal belt uses electricity to stimulate your abdominal muscles. The claim is that it will help you burn fat and achieve great abs. If you are comple... Read More »