Do You think Im crazy?

Answer I do not think you are sick, or mental, or psyco or anything. I think you just have a great imagination. Who would have ever thought of a bigfoot unless they had an imagination. Who would have ever... Read More »

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Is this crazy to think about?

It seems like a well thought out fantasy, following the definition of a dictator that they teach in school. You are really too lucid...clear and well have the traits of a despot. I th... Read More »

Do u think I'm crazy for doing this?

I don't think you're crazy. I think you're probably...a -- bored with your previous look.b -- bored with your life in general.c -- looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and be noticed.d -- ... Read More »

MJ FANS: How do you think MJ is reacting up in Heaven and seeing how crazy we are for him lol?

Hes probably thinking wtf is up with these crazy ar-se people?! And laughing his head off!Ok people this was a Q aimed at MJ FANS why the hell have you haters clicked on it pee off and go and get laid

How to Make Your Friends Think You're Crazy?

So you might be a conservative and normal person but you want to show your friends your crazy side, that you are more than just a normal person. Here are some of the things you may want to try. It ... Read More »