Do You Think Facebook Will Change Again From Timeline To Something Else?

Answer change shall come my dear, it may not be now. But they will definitely upgrade their systems and will change it to keep customers happy. they have to change once in a while, but might be a long tim... Read More »

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I accidently published my Facebook timeline. How to set it up again?

you can change all that any time you want - maybe you mean "life events"? go to your timeline and look closely at the status box for "life events"

Why don't the 9 friends on my new facebook timeline ever change?

you still have a long history with him tho, and that's what matters to facebook - they are selected by many factors, not just visiting his page or talking to him recently

How to Change Relationship Status on Facebook if You Have Timeline?

Facebook Timeline is new feature,and sometimes it's hard to do simple things.Here is explanation how to change your relationship status if you have Timeline.

Facebook just gave me timeline. Is there any way to change it back?

No, you cant change it back, Did you agree to it or did they just change you? I have not changed mine. I know someone who closed her facebook and opened up a new one, but if they changed you, then... Read More »