Do You Need to File Taxes if You Are a Student?

Answer Being a student does not automatically exempt you from having to file taxes in the United States. If you were an employee and earned an income, were self-employed or received income like tips that ... Read More »

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Does a student need to file taxes?

As of 2009, students claimed as dependents must file taxes if their unearned income was more than $950 or their earned income was more than $5,700. Students who are not claimed as dependents must f... Read More »

Do you claim student loans when you file taxes? do not have to claim loans as income because you have to pay them back.FYI - Anything that you have to claim on your taxes has to send you a W-2 or some other kind of form listing the amo... Read More »

Does a working student have to file for taxes?

If your income exceeds the threshold to file taxes, you must file even if you are a working student. If you are a dependent, the thresholds are $950 of unearned income or $5,700 of earned income fo... Read More »

Do I need a W-2 to file taxes?

You can file your taxes without a W-2 using a substitute form called 4852, according to the Internal Revenue Service. However, you will need to file an amended form--1040X--if your income estimates... Read More »