Do You Need a Wireless Adapter to Use PSP Online?

Answer A wireless adapter is not needed. The Sony PSP is wireless-ready out of the box. Simply make sure that the WLAN switch (located at the top of the PSP) is in the "ON" position. Then, go to "Network ... Read More »

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Do I need an internal wireless network adapter to play my PlayStation 3 online?

The Sony PlayStation 3 does not need a wireless network adapter in order to play games online. The PlayStation 3 has an Ethernet connection on the back of the console. Use an Ethernet cable to conn... Read More »

Do I need to use a wireless PC adapter card with my wireless router?

You must use a wireless PC adapter with your wireless router if you want to access to the Internet, according to CNET. Fortunately, most modern computers come with built-in wireless adapters.Refere... Read More »

Do I need a wireless adapter if a laptop has internal wireless?

If your computer already has built-in wireless capability, you do not need to install any further wireless adapters. Most laptop computers built after 2000 already have an internal wireless adapte... Read More »

How to Play PS2 Online With a Wireless Adapter?

The PlayStation 2, unlike its successor, was never equipped with a wireless Internet card, but you still can connect it to a wireless network using its Ethernet port and a wireless adapter. Using a... Read More »