Do You Need The Internet for a Wireless Router?

Answer Wireless networking has simplified connecting computers. All laptops and most desktop computers come with wireless network cards, but wireless connectivity isn't dependent on an Internet connection... Read More »

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I plan on getting a Wireless Router. Do you have to keep the internet service to use the Wireless Router?

No you dont have to. You can get a wireless router Belkin N1 is one of the best ones for about £40.00 you get great fast connection. You can buy one and then search for wireless networks and conne... Read More »

How do i connect a belkin wireless router (n150) to WIRELESS internet?

Simply replace the TP Link router with the Belkin.You will need to do some configuration as far as the wireless is concerned, and may need to do some for the WAN connection(Cirrus) as far as userna... Read More »

Do you have to buy the Internet to use a wireless router?

yes you have to pay for Internet service if you want to be on the Internet.The 'chip' in your computer only receives the signal that there is wireless available, it does not GIVE it to you.

Do you need a router for wireless internet?

Yes, a router is necessary when setting up wireless Internet access in your home. Your cable or DSL modem will plug into the router, which will then broadcast your Internet connection throughout yo... Read More »