Do You Have to Soak Mung Beans?

Answer On One Hand: Cooking With Mung Bean SproutsIn general, unless a recipe instructs you to soak dried mung beans, it is typically referring to mung bean sprouts, the thin plump vegetables used in Chin... Read More »

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Do navy beans have to soak overnight?

According to the Worlds Healthiest Foods, cooks can boil navy beans for two minutes and allow them to soak in hot water for two hours to avoid soaking them overnight. Otherwise, they can soak the b... Read More »

Do I Have to Cook Dried Beans Right after I Soak Them?

On One Hand: Cook as Soon as PossibleOnce you have soaked your choice of dried beans overnight, it is best to rinse, drain and cook them right away. Soaking the beans shortens cooking time, but do... Read More »

How to Sprout Mung Beans?

A common sight in Asian stir fries, mung bean sprouts are a crisp, slightly nutty tasting addition to any meal. You'll usually find them labeled simply as "bean sprouts" in the supermarket. These a... Read More »

What are mung beans?

A nung bean is a type of legume, typically used to make bean sprouts. The mung bean holds a high nutritional value and can be used in various cooking methods. It is one of the most commonly consume... Read More »