Do You Have to File Taxes If on Social Security & Below Poverty Line?

Answer Being required to file an income tax return depends on several factors: your gross income, your filing status and your age. In general, if you work, you should file your taxes even if you are not r... Read More »

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Do people on Social Security have to file taxes?

Whether people on Social Security have to file taxes depends on their marital status and earnings. As a general rule, if Social Security is their only source of income, then they will not have to f... Read More »

Do you need to file taxes for Social Security disability?

On One Hand: Some Recipients Need Not File ReturnsSocial Security disability recipients may not need to file tax returns if they did not receive other types of income for the tax year. The IRS also... Read More »

Can you file taxes on Social Security and disability benefits?

On One Hand: You May Get a RefundIf there is a tax credit being offered, many people on Social Security or disability file income taxes to get the tax credit from the government. In 2007, the econo... Read More »

Can You File Taxes Based Strictly on Social Security Disability?

One of the most confusing aspects of filing taxes is understanding the tax implications of different types of income. Not all income is taxed at the same rate, and this creates confusion when the ... Read More »