Do You Get to Pick Your First Semester Classes in College?

Answer When you head to college, you're suddenly free to make all sorts of choices independently, but if you make a bad choice, you'll only have yourself to blame. For this reason, many students are surpr... Read More »

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How to Prepare for Your First College Semester?

Going away for college can be an exciting and intimidating time. Whatever end of the spectrum you find yourself, it is important to be prepared before you leave. Here are a few things to remember.

How many classes does someone usually take in one college semester?

Full-time college students generally take between 12 and 17 credit hours in one semester, which is about four to six classes, depending on how many credit hours each course earns.References:College... Read More »

Is it okay to take rotc during the first semester and cwts for the second semester?

Do you get dropped from your parents insurance if you under the age of 25 in your last semester of college but not a full-time student?

Answer Check and see what the definition of full time student is - it may be say 8 units. You might also check with the Insurance Company - they may be liberal about a semester off here and there.