Do Xbox games work on an Xbox 360 console?

Answer The Xbox 360 console has a feature called backward compatibility that allows gamers to play some original Xbox games on the 360. However, not every game for the original Xbox works on the Xbox 360.... Read More »

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Can you play xbox 360 games on an xbox console?

You cannot play Xbox 360 games on the original Xbox gaming console. The games are not designed to be playable on the original console. On the other hand, there are several original Xbox games that ... Read More »

Are Xbox games compatible with the new Xbox 360 What is the best place to buy a Xbox 360?

Here's a list from the site:…It says it was updated last in August so there may be a more up to date list somewhere, but this is official.As far a... Read More »

Do xbox 360 games work on the original xbox?

Although the two systems share a common name and the Xbox 360 is capable of playing Xbox games (but not all of them; see Microsoft's backwards compatibility list), the Xbox 360 runs on a different ... Read More »

How many games can an Xbox 360 Arcade Console store?

The Xbox 360 Arcade bundle holds 256MB of internal memory. This internal memory can be used to save the progress of Xbox titles and store important console updates. If the internal memory is manage... Read More »