Do While and Do Until Loops in ASP?

Answer Do While...LoopDo Until....Loop

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Why while loops nesting does not work most of the time?

In any typical programming language, nesting while loops will work all the time, in the sense that the structure is acceptable to the interpreter or compiler.If the interpreter or compiler is givin... Read More »

How can I make my own loops, then put them with the other drum loops on acid pro?

A quick Google search will show you everything that you need to know, just use the following keywords: make acid pro loopsHere is one of those links:… .

If a woman dies while menstruating, will she still continue to bleed until it is the end of her cycle?

No. She will stop bleeding. Blood flow stops after death bcoz heart stops. Bcoz blood flow stops blood begings to coagulate (stagnation is a cause for coagulation even in an alive person). Blood in... Read More »

My computer USB's all disconnect and won't reconnect until I restart my PC while doing high-end gaming?

Is this happening to USB ports that are attached to your Motherboard, or do you have an extra USB hub or something. If you are using ports besides your mobo ports, it might be underpowered or has t... Read More »