Do We Really Swallow Spiders In Our Sleep?

Answer yes its true because when a spider or in-dead any insect this is the humans reaction to something going the mouth is to chew it and swallow it quickly.hope i was helpful.oh yes on average a human e... Read More »

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Is it true we eat spiders in our sleep?

i hate bugs to! i had a panic attack on the stairs once because there was one above me and i froze! i've had to call my mum on my mobile to come and get a spider from my bedroom wall because i coul... Read More »

Could you swallow a needle without really noticing?

If you really think you might have swallowed a needle you need to go to a doctor and make sure you didn't. A sharp object like that (even a toothpick) can puncture your intestines and cause serious... Read More »

I cant swallow my pill,no one is answering and i really need help!?

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If you swallow gum, does it REALLY stay in your stomache for 7 years?