Do Visa check cards have the same protection as Visa cards?

Answer Visa check cards have the same protection as a regular Visa credit card. As long as the check card has the Visa logo on the front, by law, the check card has to be insured and protected just as if ... Read More »

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How do I Make Deposits to Visa Debit Check Cards?

A Visa debit check card allows you to make purchases anywhere that accepts Visa, cutting out the need for carrying cash or writing checks. Debit cards work like a credit card, except the money for ... Read More »

What does APR mean on VISA cards?

The abbreviation “APR” on your VISA card stands for “annual percentage rate,” which is the amount of interest VISA will charge you for an extension of credit. If you pay your VISA balances ... Read More »

Do all Visa cards start with a 4?

All Visa credit cards start with a "4." MasterCards start with a "5." In addition, the first four numbers on the card should match the small numbers printed above the account number on the card fac... Read More »

How do I use Visa gift cards?

Activating the CardCall the toll-free number listed on the Visa gift card. Enter the account number from the front of the card and security PIN from the back. Sign the back of the card in the space... Read More »